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How a Mystery Training Event Works

Each event is a one-of-a-kind program in a relaxed, interactive environment that promotes camaraderie and teamwork while stressing vital concepts of TEAM BUILDING, COMMUNICATIONS and INTERPERSONAL SKILLS.

The Steps in a Murder Mystery Training Event . . .

Developing the Agenda

Client needs are identified to focus on specific organizational requirements.

Establishing Objectives

Goals and objectives are developed to determine the content of the training material.

Selecting the Suspects

Staff members are selected to play the roles of the key suspects and supplied with information about their characters.

Formulating Teams

Investigative teams are designated to work together during the investigation.

Personalizing the Information

Each person is given a personalized Casebook which contains important information and clues about the case.

Planning the Work

Using the Casebooks, team members create complete cohesive plans to guide their activities during the investigation.

Conducting the Investigation

Suspects are introduced and made available for questioning. Teams must utilize sound communication techniques and interpersonal skills to acquire and interpret the data.

Reacting to Changes

Additional unexpected critical information is provided to the teams, changing the dynamics of the event.

Solving the Case

After information has been analyzed, teams reach individual solutions to the case

Processing the Event

The dynamics of the teams during the investigation are processed, tying them to the objectives established for the Murder Mystery Training.

Taking Action

Individual on-going action plans are developed by participants to enhance both the learning and the impact of the Murder Mystery Training Event.

Or, Book a NEW, Exciting Premium Murder Mystery Event . . .

Write and Perform a Murder Mystery as a TEAM BUILDING Exercise!

That's right!

Your staff will work together in small teams to develop motive, means and opportunity, leading to a theatrical performance that stimulates teamwork, self-confidence and personal pride.

Using Jack Pachuta's Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System, they'll:

  • Assign team responsibilities,
  • Research key facts,
  • Analyze pertinent information,
  • Tie facts together into a cohesive plot,
  • Compete to finalize a challenging mystery, and
  • Orchestrate a performance for a specific audience.

All the while, they will be practicing transferable skills that foster success in an organization. Plus, they'll gain valuable insights into themselves and their teammates.

This One-of-a-kind Murder Mystery Training Event can be organized in a variety of innovative ways to accommodate your meeting agenda and your logistics.

You can even incorporate real-life scenarios into the plot, leading to a lot of laughs and a legacy of learning.

You'll tap the creativity of your staff and give them a new perspective on what it takes to get the job done when different personalities must combine their strengths to maximize performance.

Call Jack at (262)377-7230 to personally discuss the details!

To find out more about how a Murder Mystery Training Event can work for you, click on the "Tell Jack about your event!" button and complete the Program Development Questionnaire. He'll review the material and contact you to give you a comprehensive idea of how to organize this innovative program.

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